Liverpool’s head coach Jurgen Klopp decided to skip the FA Cup. We respect the request of Premier League but FA didn’t recognize that.



Klopp refuses the FA Cup

The Liverpool manager decided to skip the FA Cup replay against Shrewsbury. Because Liverpool playing quality been reduced. The head coach doesn’t pay attention to marketing campaigns. “Don’t mug off the cup,” UK broadcaster sent the message because the oldest club competition is essential, and you need to cherish and respect that. But it’s hard to argue today, in fact of the news that Klopp, with his squad, will boycott fourth-round replay against Shrewsbury next week. We know that Manchester United retired from the competition entirely in 1999. But it’s quietly different because Manchester is an elite club, Won seven-time this competition. They left the FA cup to change their positions for the best things.


“We will not be there”

It will be a historic moment if Klopp goes through his plan. “We will not be there – it will be the kids who play that game,” he admitted after the match at the Montgomery Waters Meadow on Sunday. When journalists asked about, he would be missing: “Yes. Neil Critchley will be in charge”. His logic is clear. He has the support of Fenway Sports Group, owners of the club. Owners admitted that in April 2019, they got a letter from the Premier League. They requested them to respect the winter break and not to organize international friendly or competitive games. “We respected that” – they confessed.


The letter was sent to all PL clubs and did, indeed, the clubs should not plan any match during their two-week break. Clubs must do according to the letter: “expected to honor and respect the underlying rationale for the mid-season player break, namely to provide their players with a break from the physical and mental rigors of playing matches during the season.” The manager is ready to do precisely that. You cannot deal with us as nobody cares about it, he said. It’s not very popular, but that’s the way he sees that – said Klopp. The PL asked them to respect the winter break. That’s what they do. If the Football Association doesn’t recognize that, then they cannot change it.