The German, Jurgen Klopp says Marcus Rashford’s campaign to provide free meals to children over half time is “absolutely incredible”.

The 22-year-old Manchester United striker is sending and sharing messages across Twitter from local businesses that have pledged to support his free school meals campaign.

After his motion to extend free school meals over the holiday was rejected during the COVID-19 pandemic by the MPs, Rashford is still fighting for the rejected plea.

Rashford’s never-give-up spirit has led Jurgen Klopp into saying, “He plays for United which makes it really tricky. But in these moments, we are as footballers and as human beings always united. What Marcus has started is absolutely incredible. It’s so nice”.

“I hope his mother is really proud of him. I don’t know him but even I am proud of him. Football can be really wondrous in moments and it shows that the subject is really serious. That is why everybody puts the rivalry aside and thinks about the more important things in life”.

“So I am really happy that Liverpool can show this solidarity in these moments”.

Consequently, fish and chip shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes are among hospitality venues to offer free meals. Also, a growing number of councils across England with Liverpool included have also made their pledges to provide food vouchers over half-term.