As you know, the transfer of Leipzig leader, Timo Werner, was interrupted for “Liverpool.” The German striker is approaching Chelsea in London.

The German striker will most likely continue his career at Chelsea in London. The question is – how did the “Aristocrats” outperform the Merseysiders?

According to The Athletic, Merseyside tactician Jurgen Klopp has personally called the Red Bulls’ forward. The German specialist explained to the compatriot attacker that his transfer had failed due to financial reasons.

According to the same source, the management of the “Reds” club did not allocate money to the head coach for the transfer of Timo Werner.

As you may remember, the “Reds” offered the Leipzig leader exactly the same salary as he had in the “Blues” – 10 million euros. But finally, Liverpool just could not afford all the expenses related to Timo Werner’s transfer.


“If Klopp Werner really wanted to, he would already be in Liverpool.”


Former Liverpool captain John Barnes has evaluated the failed transfer of Timo Werner. The English veteran believes that the Merseysiders have not lost at all:

“If Klopp Werner had really wanted to, he [Timo] would have been in Liverpool. It seems that the German tactician did not consider it necessary to spend money on him.

Therefore, I do not think the Merseysiders lost to Chelsea in a transfer battle. Jurgen just didn’t want to. So, that probably means he has an entirely different plan for the transfer of the transfer budget, “said the ex-midfielder of the “Reds.”