The outstanding manager, Jurgen Klopp says he is standing firm on using his under-23s in the FA Cup replay with Shrewsbury Town. Otherwise, “nothing will change.”

Liverpool had a draw in the fourth round of the FA Cup against the League One club. In this case, the club’s fifth-round replay falls during the Premier League’s mid-season break.

Meanwhile, Klopp maintains he will not manage the side for the game next month.

‘If we react how we always react and find a way to do it, then nothing will change.” Said Klopp.

“I decided three weeks ago we would have a mid-season break based on a letter we got in April 2019.”

Speaking after Sunday’s 2-2 draw, Klopp made it clear none of his first-team would be involved in next week’s game which will be on either 4th or 5th February.

He added, “I don’t want to be in the middle of all these discussions. I’m not a revolution guy who wants to show the whole world how strong I can be. It absolutely not the reason.”

“The only responsibility I feel is for my players and to be 100% honest, for all the players as well.”

“If we find a way to do it then nothing will change. And I think all people in football agree that all things need to change.”

The Football Association response

The Football Association said every club agreed to this season’s FA Cup fixture schedule and knew fourth-round replays might cut into their winter breaks, as is also the case with Tottenham, Southampton and Newcastle United.

“I know the FA said that all the clubs agreed but no sports-responsible people were there.” Said Klopp.

“There was not a manager or sporting director. That’s what we need and had to change as well. Otherwise, we will have the same situation next year.”

Moreover, Klopp defended his decision to stay away from the tie and let under-23s boss Neil Critchley take charge.

Critchley managed a youthful Liverpool side in their League Cup defeat by Aston Villa when the first-team squad traveled to Qatar for the Club World Cup.

“Could I be here for the game? Of course, I could.” Said Klopp.

“But that again is a complete misunderstanding of management and coaching. They need their coach and it is Critch.”

“The mid-season break is something that has to be settled for the next years and all the different parties together have to find a solution that will not be like this year again.”