Liverpool are already holding their second Super-season. After winning the Champions League and actually winning the Premier League, there were a lot of rumors related to one of Europe’s strongest teams. Liverpool transfer news are always most interesting for football fans. But Jurgen Klopp has reasons to abstain from buying superstars.

Many believe that Liverpool will need new blood after its successes.  However, we should not expect any noisy transfers in the near future.

The team does not want radical changes in the transfer policy.


Rumors of a possible link between Mbabé and Liverpool have been intensified lately. The French striker has repeatedly praised Liverpool in his social networks and referred to them as the best club. Klopp, however, said the acquisition of the French superstar was not in the club’s interest.

“Such a player is virtually impossible for any club. Mbappe is an incredible player, but it’s all about money,” – said Klopp.

The same he said about Bale in summer. Accordingly, we can suppose that Klopp is satisfied with his transfer policy and is not planning to change the current course.

Noteworthy that Liverpool’s results are due to a well-functioning system, not to individual players. The whole philosophy of the German tactician is to ensure that the team does not depend on individual stars and the absence of any player should not impact on the game result.

Positive Atmosphere


One of the biggest reasons for Liverpool’s success is the excellent atmosphere in the dressing room. All the players of the club mention how happy they are at Liverpool. And that’s not surprising. We can say for sure that the friendly atmosphere in the dressing room is one of the strengths of Klopp’s handwriting as a coach.

The team is already at their zenith. In fact, all the players do their job at the highest level.

The superstar invited to the team, who will have a higher salary than others, will probably cause a logical discontent among his teammates.


‘Liverpool do not Buy but Create SuperStars’


If we look at Klopp’s era in Liverpool, we can make sure that Carragher’s statement is entirely accurate.

All the “big” transfers of the PL leaders were players who did not have star status before joining the team. Liverpool have made them stars: Virgil Van Dyke, Alison, Sadio Mane, Muhammad Salah. They were only prospective players before joining the team, but none of them had the status of a star.