Jurgen is crucial to it of course but I can see no reason why he would leave. While we are playing like this, why would he even think about it?

Jurgen Klopp will stay at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp will not leave Liverpool shortly, says Roy Evans, while the German has no reason to consider a break in ties with the “best club team in the world.” In December, Liverpool moved on to linking their high-ranking coach with a new agreement, with new deadlines until 2024. Klopp hinted that he would leave when this agreement came to an end, to achieve everything he could by the time he reached almost nine years of service at Anfield. Evans believes that the extended contract will be respected, and Liverpool again, at the top of the national stage in England, already claimed European and global crowns in 2019.

He turned the Reds to be the best team in the world

The former Reds boss told reporters about Klopp: “Everyone will try to drive us out of our territory.” Good. Jurgen will be ready. “But, yes, victory first gives you confidence and faith that you can do it. If this time we can win the Premier League, then who knows where it can take us?” Of course, Klopp has the decisive for this meaning, but I see no reason why he should leave. While we play like that, why would he even think about it? “Evans, who has played and coached Liverpool in the past, added: “You want to be a top club, and Jürgen Klopp brought us back to being the best club team in the world.


This year they were fantastic

“This year, they were fantastic in terms of results and style.” Liverpool’s heavy metal football led by Klopp brought them the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup awards. They are also at a touching distance from the Premier League title, with Roy glad that the Reds are waiting for this crown, as the coronavirus pandemic makes the sport compete in perpetual isolation. He added: “They are right to stop the season, and he cannot resume until he is safe. It’s only football. But I hope that we get the title in the end, somehow. I hope we play. For 30 years, we can wait a few more months if necessary.

“I have to say that if someone told me that day in 1990 that we would no longer win the league in three decades, I would say: “Yes, fine, buddy. See you next season. “In order not to win the league for so long? No, I would not believe it.”