Mino Raiola have recently confirmed that Bianconeri talks about Paul Pogba. He also admits that they will make a final decision in summer.

It seems Pogba will have numerous options to choose from. You may already know that Juve is not the only team that targets Paul Pogba for summer’s transfer window.

Real Madrid is also interested in signing the French central midfielder. Zinedine Zidane does not hide his admiration for United’s star. So, the player will have to weigh up all his options carefully.

Noteworthy, in July 2019, Manchester United rejected an advantageous offer from Real Madrid. The offer included £27.6m and James Rodriguez for Paul Pogba. But for the Red Devils, Pogba was more valuable.


Raiola is ready to start negotiations


Paul’s sports agent, Mino Raiola, seems to be ready to start discussions with any interested clubs. Raiola strongly believes that Pogba deserves a stronger team to be in. As you know, Manchester United are not having their best season. They are struggling a lot to manage to return to the Champions League.

Raiola admits that Pogba is a great player who, of course, wants to be at the highest level. He should face challenges for the Champions League or PL title.

Anyway, the young midfielder will do his best to prove his abilities to Manchester United first of all and to the interested parties as well. Since Pogba joined Manchester United in 2016, he has scored 31 goals for the team.

At the end of this season, it will become clear if he has to leave Man. United or not. Noteworthy that Paul Pogba’s contract with Manchester Utd expires in 2021, and he will only be freed in case if a sizeable fee is offered.

Football fans are familiar with the fact that there is nothing impossible on the transfer market. Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid have already proved that many times.