Karim Benzema won the trophy for Di Stefano. He became the best player of La Liga in the 2019/2020 season. It seems that Karim Benzema outplayed Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Big honor for Karim Benzema

The French striker gave a very honest interview after the trophy ceremony. He said that outworking Messi and Ronaldo feels definitely good. In the season 2019/2020 Karim Benzema’s main opponent was Lionel Messi. Keep in mind that Benzema helped a lot Real Madrid to win La Liga last season. Zidane’s team scored fewer goals than expected. Benzema became the main goal-scorer of Real Madrid, so that was the main reason why he won the Di Stefano award.

Karim Benzema said that it was a perfect season for him. After joining Real Madrid, Benzema said that it was his dream to win the Di Stefano award. It’s a big honor for Benzema as being the best player in La Liga for a whole season is definitely a big recognition for him. Benzema said that personal award will boost his self-confidence.

Workout hard every day

Benzema is a big preacher of hard work. In the interview with Spanish magazine “Marca”, he said that players have to work hard everyday. Benzema noted that he is training very hard under Zidane and wants to achieve the same recognition this season too. Karim added that Real Madrid is still on the way to bigger things. Benzema wants to help Real Madrid win all possible trophies this season.

Karim Benzema was the main player who scored goals in the last few matches. Zidane’s team has had a true revolution in the last 20 days. Team won the first position in the group of Champions League and also won the derby of Madrid. Benzema scored a few goals and helped the team to change the situation in La Liga also.