Karim Benzema was the main star of yesterday’s game. As you may know, Real Madrid won an important match against Athletic Bilbao. 

Working harder every day

Benzema was very happy after the match. He scored two goals and helped the team to take important three points against Athletic Bilbao. It’s never easy to play against Bilbao and that’s what Real Madrid proved yesterday. Athletic Bilbao equalized the game in the start of the second half but Benzema was there for Los Blancos. After 1-1, Benzema decided to take everything on him. Karim scored two goals and became player of the match. Benzema said that players are working hard every day and in the end, they always have faith in management. He asked fans to keep believing and understand that Real Madrid players are working everyday to win every possible match or point.

Goals against Athletic Bilbao

Karim Benzema said that goals make him happy but it’s not an important thing. French striker said that the main goal is to help the team get as many points as possible. That’s what happened yesterday, added Benzema. French striker said that he is happy even when he is making free space for his teammates to attack and score. Yesterday, Karim Benzema was running a lot, always helping midfield and defense. Even in the 90th minute, Benzema was helping the defense of Real Madrid.