Sir Alex congratulated Kenny Dalglish on the Liverpool Championship. According to Dalglish, mutual respect is the most important.

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has spoken about Manchester United’s legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson. Kenny said Fergie congratulated him on winning the Liverpool championship.

Recall that in the 31st round of the Premier League, after a 30-year pause, Liverpool celebrated the English championship again. The Reds have won the title seven rounds before the end of the championship, a record in the history of the Premier League.

“Ferguson sent us a greeting letter. Yes, he congratulated us on the Liverpool championship.”

“This is not a war, nor rivals are enemies. Of course, the old rivals keep competing with each other, but if one of them succeeds at the end of the season, the congratulations only speak all good for themselves.”

“We are opponents, but most importantly, we never lose respect for each other.”


Seven years ago, legendary Scottish coach Sir Alex Ferguson took Manchester United to the pitch for the last time.

As for Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Scottish coach has been training with the Manchester Grand for 28 years. Ferguson has won the Red Devils thirteen times in the Premier League, two in the Champions League, one in the European Cup, five in the FA Cup, and four in the FA Cup.