The Premier League was postponed since March due to the Covid-19 crisis, whit no firm restart date has not yet been agreed.

Premier League will find a way to end this season

Man City star Kevin De Bruyne believes the Premier League will find a method to end the 2019-20 season. Citing the financial damage that will end the campaign. The Premier League was postponed since March due to the Covid-19 crisis. With no firm restart, the date has not yet been agreed upon. The league put in place preliminary plans to resume the game on June 8. Almost indeed in neutral venues without fans, with the UK government participating in the so-called “Project Restart”. After meeting their clubs on Friday, the Premier League reiterated its desire to end the 2019-20 season but stated that a decision has not yet been made. De Bruyne, however, believes that the league will find a way to return to the field, saying that there is too much money at stake to prevent the game from resuming.

It will cause serious financial problems

“My affection is that we may be able to practice again in two weeks,” De Bruyne told reporters. “The government wants to restart football asap to give people something.” Everything will be finished without spectators, I think. That is not really absorbing for anyone, but this season will be over. The financial aspect is too important in the Premier League. If the season is not over, it will cause serious problems. “Gary Neville agreed with De Bruyne this week, but drowned in the Premier League in the process, saying he prioritizes financial problems in front of player safety.” How many people must die playing football in the Premier League before it becomes unacceptable? One? Single-player? One of the employees goes to the intensive care unit? What risks should we take? The discussion is purely economic, “said Neville.

Before the coronavirus shutdown, De Bruyne was in the middle of another stellar campaign, scoring nine goals and adding 20 assists in all games. If football returns, the Belgian has admitted that it will be difficult to return after such a long break, saying that it will be more like a new season, rather than a continuation of the same campaign. “When the league resumes, I do not see the extension of the season in this. It is more like the start of a new season.” I have never stood still for so long in my career, but I’m not going to make a problem of it. Higher powers are at work. Whatever is said and decided, I agree.”