Belgium’s international midfielder has become a global superstar but admits to being at a career low when leaving Stamford Bridge

Kevin De Bruyne explains his reasons for leaving Chelsea

Belgian admitted that he never expected to become a superstar at Manchester City. The Belgian midfielder cut ties with those at Stamford Bridge in January 2014 after heading through the outs to borrow a period at Werder Bremen in 2012-13. His shares have skyrocketed in German football, struggling to make an impact in west London, and he admits he has hit a career low as he said goodbye to England. De Bruyne told Sky Sports about his reasons for leaving Chelsea: “I decided to leave because I felt I had no chance of playing at the time.


Best solution for Kevin’s career

“I didn’t see more opportunities, so it was the best decision for me to leave Chelsea and go into a situation where I felt like I could start over. I expected everything to go this way? Obviously, not because at that time it was the low point in my career, but I never doubted my abilities as a football player. “I can’t think it will be eight years lower than playing for City, World Cups and all. That’s great.”

Chelsea struck a deal with a top-rated playmaker during the 2011 winter transfer window. A five and a half year contract was signed, but it quickly became apparent that De Bruyne was going to fight for playing time under Jose Mourinho. After meeting Bremen in 2013-14, only nine performances were held in all competitions. 

De Bruyne contacted Wolfsburg in the middle of that season and was keen to put a forgetful position with the Premier League heavyweights behind him. After three productive years in the Bundesliga, De Bruyne began registering again on recruiting radars across Europe. It was eventually dismantled by City for a club record £55m ($76m) in the summer of 2015