PSG and Real Madrid finalized the transfer for Navas to Paris. As it seems, Real Madrid talisman is leaving Real Madrid this summer. From the start of the current transfer window, Keylor was ready for departure. Even Keylor’s wife was searching for new places to buy a house. Keylor spends a few days in Porto, and his wife posted on social media that they were ready to stay in Porto for a long time. As it seems, Keylor is prepared to leave Real Madrid but not for Porto.

Second goalkeeper of Real Madrid

As you may know, Real Madrid young Ukrainian goalkeeper Lunin. It happened last year, and the keeper has a promising future. Lunin even played for Real Madrid during the summer pre-season. Ukrainian went on loan a few days ago, so after Keylor’s transfer, Real Madrid is staying with only one goalkeeper.

According to Paris newspapers, Areola could be the perfect fit for Keylor’s place. So, PSG may give Areola to Real Madrid. Till now, we don’t know the details, but it will be finalized on Sunday.

Areola was on the bench yesterday against Metz. PSG won the game in a calm manner of play. Rumors say that Areola was on the bench because of the transfer. He was sitting on the counter not to get an injury and have a successful transfer to Real Madrid.

PSG tried to get Donnarumma

Italian goalkeeper is just 20 years old and already topping the list of most wanted goalies. PSG was attempting to buy Donnarumma this summer, but AC Milan denied all the offers. Keylor was the second-choice transfers for Parisians. After failing with Donnarumma’s assignment, they switched to Keylor.

Real Madrid and PSG have a very close sporting relationship. So, it was not hard to get Navas from the Spanish giant.

Keylor Navas was the talisman of Real Madrid

Costa Rican footballer joined Real Madrid in 2014. Los Merengues paid 10 Million euros. Before joining Real, Keylor was playing for Levante in Primera Division. In the last five years with Los Merengues, Keylor won lots of trophies. We should talk about the four champions league (3 of those trophies were consecutive). Real Madrid representatives created a mini-movie about winning Champions League. So, in the movie, we see Keylor’s teammates talk positive about him and name him as the main talisman for winning so many trophies.

Zidane admired Navas as a person. Keylor was the primary choice as a goalie during Zidane’s era in Madrid.. Last year another world-class goalkeeper, Courtois, joined Real Madrid. Since then, Keylor became the second choice in the team.