England’s international defender enjoys working with former Chelsea frontman in Spain and under top-ranking manager Diego Simeone.


One of the colourful players in the game

Diego Costa is “a nightmare to be played against” and lives in “his world,” says Kieran Trippier. At the same time, international England is happy to be on the same side as the mysterious striker of Madrid Atletico. The former Tottenham full-back player knew all about the mercurial former Chelsea frontman before he captured the transition to Spain in the summer of 2019. Faced with him in the Premier League competition, Trippier was aware of the quality Costa possessed. Now he got an idea of the man behind the fiery facade. At the same time, international Spain of Brazilian origin has widely recognized as one of the most colorful characters in the game.

Trippier is now able to support this billing, while the 29-year-old specialist conceded that Costa loves to be the center of attention on the field and beyond. Trippier said to journalists that he’s a nightmare to play against. Everyone wants him in their team. He admitted that he played with Costa this season. He came on the other month and picked up a yellow card in the first few seconds of the match. But for sure, you want him to fight for you. He added about him off the field that he’s living in his world. From nine o’clock morning until 10 o’clock evening, he’s 100mph.

He’s that guy we’re looking everywere

He’s hilarious, and he’s joking every time in the team. He’s someone with that quality what you need. He’s injured now and can’t play. But he’s that guy we’re looking everywhere to have back and help the team. Costa has also given a funny nickname to Trippier, coaches, teammates, and even supporters now refer to the buccaneering right-back as “Rooney.” Trippier said that he doesn’t know where he got that. He’s just the first English player that came in his head, and it’s stuck with Tripper. Supporters call to him like that. It’s everywhere now. It’s just banter. Diego started something, and now it’s everywhere.

Enjoying work with Costa in Madrid, Trippier also seeks to get the most out of the game under the leadership of Diego Simeone, the coach whom he keeps in the closest attention. When asked if the Argentinean could be considered one of the best in business, ex-Burnley star Trippier replied: “For me, yes. When people play for him, they understand how good he is. “You obviously have some great managers — you have Jurgen Klopp, you have Pep Guardiola, Sean Dyche! But he is definitely there.”