Jurgen Klinsmann has resigned as head coach of Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin just 3 months after his appointment. He cites a lack of support from management as one of the reasons for his resignation.


The winner of the World Cup moves away from Hertha

Jürgen Klinsmann left the role of Hertha Berlin manager after only 10 weeks of work. The former head of Bayern Munich and the United States took the reins of the capital club only in November 2019. When he was instructed to direct Hertha from the danger of retirement. Jurgen Klinsmann believes that decisive progress has been made in this effort. But says that he can’t count on the full support of those above him. With this in mind. The winner of the World Cup decided to move away from his position in the dugout and return to the boardroom.

“We made progress”

The 55-year-old specialist said in his personal Facebook account: “I want to start by thanking all the Hertha BSC players, fans, spectators, managers and staff for the support and help they have shown over the past 10 weeks.” It was an extremely exciting time for me and offered a lot of interesting tasks. The club and the city have become even well in my heart. “At the end of November, we met the requirements of the team’s leadership and united a highly qualified team and offered help in difficult times.” We made progress in a relatively short period of time thanks to the support of many people during the run of difficult games. We now have a six-point gap from the relegation places.


Only ten games as the head of  Hertha Berlin

“I am firmly assured that Hertha will achieve her goal and maintain her status.” However, as a head coach, I need the trust of all, and this has not been achieved. “Especially in an alienated struggle, unity, solidarity, and concentration are the most important elements. If they are not guaranteed, I cannot maximize my potential as a coach and fulfill my responsibilities.”That’s why, after much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I should leave the position of head coach of “Hertha” and return to my first long-term role as a member of the supervisory board.

“The Supporters, players and club employees have grown up in my heart over this time, and that’s why I will continue to do my best for Hertha.” I still look forward to many meetings in the city and at the stadium. ”Former striker of Tottenham Hotspur and Monaco “Jurgen oversaw only 10 games as the head of “Hertha”, and these trips brought three wins, three draws, and four losses.