Liverpool’s another leading player have injured. Jürgen Klopp criticizes the Premier League, and Guardiola agrees with him.

Yet no one knows for sure whether the one-year postponed European Championship will be held even in the summer of 2021. UEFA says it will definitely happen, but as long as there is a pandemic, there is no 100 percent guarantee. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is one of the first to sound the alarm once again. He says the continental championship is threatened not only by many empty seats on the podium but also by the halved-revamped lineups – forced football without many stars.

“If we do not change anything and continue like this, we will see which players will be able to play in the European Championship,” said the German coach of Liverpool after the match with Manchester City (1: 1) and once again criticized the Premier League because of the busy schedule. However, this time Klopp is not the only one who did it.

The day before, Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also complained that his team had a Champions League match on Wednesday and played again against Everton on Saturday. Klopp noted that Solskjaer agrees 100 percent.

“It is a fact that the players have exhausted all limits. “They can do no more,” the German told the BBC. “The teams that played on Wednesday night should no longer have matches on Saturday afternoon. This is a crime. I will wake up and play football again – in the middle of the regeneration phase. ”

The Liverpool coach calls on the bosses of the Premier League: “This must change! Someone needs to get involved and start thinking. Two weeks ago I spoke to the relevant persons and do you know what their response was? We can’t change that! ”

The main reason is the TV contracts with Sky and BT Sport. They set the times of the games. After the last criticism of Klopp, another important player was injured by Liverpool and Jürgen raised his voice again: “Everyone should talk to each other. A solution is to be found. Sky, BT, sit down and talk! Do you want good football? Then relax the boys for a while at least! We only ask for a few hours. We know that Monday, for example, is impossible, because then come the European tournaments and other matches. “Trent Alexander-Arnold is another leading player that Klopp lost. A right-back injury is also a problem for England, but more so for Liverpool, who have no choice in defence. Virgil Van Dijk and Fabinho are injured, with Thiago Alcantara also in hospital. Joel Matip also had an injury.

“One will be injured today, another tomorrow. “We are not protecting the players, and this is a disaster,” said Josep Guardiola, Manchester City’s head coach. Jürgen and Pep are also demanding the return of the 5-5 change.