‘It is unfortunate that we have such a system that we have to get used to’. It seems like Jurgen Klopp no longer likes VAR.

English Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp responded to the match against Danish Midtjylland in the final round of the UCL group stage and expressed dissatisfaction with the VAR system. The German specialist had a specific reason for this.

“We managed to score a goal at the end of the match; however, it was cancelled due to the dictation of the video assistant, who saw the handball play on the radio. In addition, he was involved in the VAR game many times. This took a very long time. I have not seen repetitions and do not know how correct the decisions were; however, this process took 3-4 minutes each time. I already hear people say, “My God, is Klopp talking about this again?” However, I cannot remain silent. The moments were checked, it was very cold on the field, and the players who were idle were in bad condition, they were just freezing. I used to be one of those people who used to say that VAR was a good idea, but you will understand and slowly change my mind. It is unfortunate that we have such a system that we have to get used to. ”

Recall that in the match in Denmark, Liverpool was promoted by Mohamed Salah in the first minute. However, Mo missed a penalty in the second half and only conceded a draw. Nevertheless, the English Grand Prix scored 13 points in 6 matches and advanced from first place in the group to the Champions League play-offs.