As you may know, the confrontation between the two coaches took place on Wednesday. ‘He did not stop even after the match, and he has been calling us selfish for a whole week.’ Jurgen Klopp responded to Lampard criticism.

There was a minor incident between Jürgen Klopp and Frank Lampard during Wednesday’s 5–3 win over Chelsea at Anfield.

In the episode of Kovacic’s penalty (followed by Alexander-Arnold’s goal), the reaction of Klopp’s assistant Pepin Linders was irritating for Lampard, and he started shouting obscene shouts from the bench.

Lampard criticism did not stop there and called the Liverpool coaching staff ‘selfish’ in post-match interviews – Jürgen Klopp did not leave this unresponsive. “Frank is a young coach, and he has a lot to learn …” – says the German.

“During the match, yes sir, whatever you want to say … I understand you’re in a state of emotion, and it often happens to me as well. So, I do not blame him in that episode. But after the whistle, the book closes for me, and I forget everything. Lampard did not do that, and I think it’s wrong.”

“Even after the match, he did not stop and call us selfish. We are not selfish. Our activities prove the opposite, so, sadly, he did such a thing.”

For his part, Frank Lampard explained the situation and said that he had no problem with Klopp. “I would drink beer after the match with Klopp, but things turned out differently, and it did not happen. I did not like the reaction from the Liverpool bench and expressed my opinion. I regret the words I used in the conversation, but nothing more.