Jürgen Klopp and Roy Keane strongly argued after the match. The United legend claims that the German misunderstood.

After the 3: 1 victory over Arsenal in London, Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp was celebrating, but at one point, he was very angry.

The 53-year-old German’s reason for rage: He heard Roy Keane say that Liverpool played against Arsenal carelessly. It was at this point that a smile disappeared from Klopp’s face.

“Did I hear that correctly?” Did Mr. Keane say we played carelessly today? – Klopp asked – maybe he is talking about another game. He could not say such a thing about this match. Sorry. No carelessness! We did not play at all the way Keane says. Such an evaluation and description of the game is simply unbelievable. Very strange! ”

At the time Klopp was saying this, Keane was sitting in the studio trying to defuse the situation. The Manchester United legend said: “You misunderstood me. I said there were one or two negligences in the defense. Overall you were excellent. “I was just praising the club,” Keane said. “Look at what I said.”

Klopp laughed about it: “I will definitely do it. 100 percent. ”

Keane really praised Liverpool in his analysis: “They played carelessly with Leeds and even today, sometimes. But they win such games, which shows the strength of the team. ”

Later, at the post-match press conference, Klopp was in a normal mood and explained the argument with Keane: “When I went to the microphone, I only heard that word – negligence. I could only partially hear his expressions. I could not see him. I heard something wrong, no problem, everything is fine. I do not think that we were careless in the defense either. ”

Roy Keane continued in Sky studio: “People are a little sensitive, aren’t they? “God, imagine if Liverpool lost,” said the Irishman.