Liverpool have already reportedly told Borussia Dortmund that they wish to sign the English Winger Jadon Sancho as soon as summer’s transfer window opens. Fans strongly believe that Jurgen Klopp’s links to his former club give Liverpool a significant advantage.

Borussia Dortmund, on the other hand, is going to ask £100million for the young forward.

It was known that Manchester city was also highly interested in signing Sancho in summer. But, as you may already know, City are banned for two years, and accordingly, they will no longer compete for other teams in transfer deals until 2022.

Jadon has friendly relations with several Liverpool men. A 19-years old winger is quite close to Alexander-Arnold, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, as well as Henderson and Brewster.

When Sancho joined Dortmund from Etihad in 2017, everyone were surprised by his decision. That’s because that time Chelsea, Man. United, Barca, and even Real Madrid were interested in signing him.

Since joining Dortmund, Sancho has transformed into one of the world’s most exciting young striking talents.


Klopp was admired with Sancho even before


Noteworthy, Jurgen Klopp has strong connections with Borussia Dortmund as he managed the club for seven years. The reds are also going to enter into the deal with Nike, which is Jadon’s sponsor. All these facts give Liverpool enough reason to be hopeful for Sancho’s and Dortmund’s approval.

During January’s transfer window, Jurgen Klopp said he can hardly improve Liverpool’s squad. But he had already had his admirations with Sancho.

When his former club signed for the young winger for £8m last February, Klopp praised Borussia Dortmund for this smart decision. He said that it is always a good idea to buy English players. Other English clubs would not have this opportunity as they do not sell players to each other.

Accordingly, Jadon Sancho was unavailable for the Reds at that time, despite they noticed and liked the young winger very much.