As you may remember, last Saturday, Liverpool lost to Watford straight away with a score of 0: 3. Everyone thought that after the first defeat in the Premier League, the Reds would be more motivated to beat terribly unstable Chelsea, but the Merseyside could not do anything against the Aristocrats.

As a result, just over a week later, Liverpool lost two matches, scoring 0: 5 overall. Except for two young men, Jurgen Klopp’s top 11 players were playing against the Blue so that the reason may be a deliberate loss.

Diane Lawrence blamed many of City’s failure. However, in the meeting with Chelsea, Joe Gomez played for Liverpool. It was the Englishman’s mistake that led Frank Lampard’s team to their first goal.

Let’s remember:

Liverpool’s central defender made a slightly awkward pass to Fabinho Tavares, who then gave a moment to fellow Willian da Silva. The Reds had also switched on a self-destruct mode during the second conceded goal.

Virgil Van Dijk could do nothing for Olivier Giroud, and again the Brazilian midfielder has disappeared somewhere in the fight against Ross Barkley. Merseyside showed weakness at the most dangerous moment: 3 strikes in a single attack that Kepa Arrizabalaga just missed.


“Liverpool deserved this defeat” – Jurgen Klopp


After losing 0: 2 to Chelsea, Klopp said: “Liverpool deserved this defeat. Chelsea scored two goals, while we were making mistakes only. These three weeks were the awful weeks of the current season. Plan: Correcting Everything.”

Unpleasant stats – Three losses in four matches, which is exactly as many as in the previous 66. Moreover, the team could not even score a goal in all three cases. The Reds’ defense has fallen sharply: 7 conceded goals in 3 games for which 19 games have been needed before.

What caused the collapse of the team? First, the fatigue of the team leaders. Yes, Van Dijk, Mane, and Firmino are in bad shape.