Karl-Heinz Rummenigge replied to Manuel Neuer. The chef of Bayern Munchen is optimistic.

In recent days, many news and rumors were reported about some disagreement between Manuel Neuer and the leaders of Bayern.

As you may know, negotiations between Bayern Munich and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer have virtually failed. It is noteworthy that Manuel has lost his trust against the team. The parties no longer have a distinct desire to continue negotiations. Therefore, all dialogues are temporarily suspended.

Bayern Munich have signed new contracts with coach Hans Flick and players Thomas Muller and Alphonso Davies. On the other hand, negotiations with Captain Manuel Neuer are deadlocked.

A few days ago, Neuer made a critical statement, noting that he was unhappy with Bayern’s leadership. Manu said some details of the talks had been made public and also misinterpreted. Accordingly, he became angry. “I did not know of such a Bayern,” said the captain.


“I am optimistic that Neuer will sign a new contract.”


Bayern boss Carl-Heinz Rummenigge has now responded to the issue. In an interview with the Bild newspaper, Rummenigge responded to Neuer’s criticism: “I think we both know what we mean for each other. I am optimistic that we will reach a final decision on both sides and that Manuel will sign a new contract with Bayern.”

Recall that Manuel Neuer has a contract with Bayern until 2021. It means that he must sign a new contract by the next season.

According to German media, he signed a 4-year contract (there were also talks over a 5-year contract, which Manu denied) and demanded 20 million euros a year, which led the negotiations into a deadlock.