In Group A, we have five teams that could qualify for Euro 2020. Everyone knew that England would be the absolute favorite for taking the first position. The main question is related to the second position – who will be the second-best team in Group A?

Kosovo, Czech Republic, and Montenegro had the same chance for the second position until yesterday. We saw one of the toughest games in the Group from Kosovo and the Czech Republic. After a 5-0 loss from England, Czech players had two wins in a row against Bulgaria and Montenegro. Every expert thought that Czech would dominate Kosovo easily, but we were wrong.

Kosovo 2-1 Czech Republic

Kosovo played excellent matches during Nation’s league, and till now they have a chance to qualify for Euro 2020 from Nation’s league playoffs. The work that Kosovo players did last year was crazy and unbelievable.

1st half of the game

Kosovo played a dominant football from the first minutes. It was a big surprise that Czech players were first to score in the match. From the left-wing, Czech winger crossed the ball, and Patrick Schick scored the goal. Forward just tapped the ball and opened the score.

After the goal, Czech footballers became more dominant as they believed in themselves. Czech players had one very sharp attack after Schick’s moment but could not convert the shot. Kosovo players decided to break the mental barrier and went in attack to score. Soon after the first goal, we saw another goal, but this time the Kosovo players target was on point. The first half ended with the score 1-1.

2nd half of the game

Second half was a bit boring as Czech players were in attack but could not convert shots into the goal. On the other hand, Kosovo shot only once on target, and they scored the goal. In the end, Czech players could not even make a serious impact to take one point from Kosovo.

It was the biggest match as Kosovo makes history in Euro group stage. It was their first home win in the group stage, and fans were happy with the results.

It’s still a shock for the football world that the second-best team in the group is Kosovo with 8 points. England is absolute dominant with 12 points, but Kosovo is improving after each match.

In two days we will see an exciting match between England and Kosovo. Harry Kane and co will host Kosovo players on Wembley Stadium.