Niko Kovac has insisted AS Monaco needs only six points to seal the top four after the 3-0 victory against Dijon.


Speaking after the match, Kovac insists fighting for the Champions League spot is a real and priority despite the fan’s banners. Monaco fan displays banners with the massage aim for the title but Kovac said that fate is not in their hands.

Monaco have put up a strong fight this season under Kovac transforming into a competitive side. The 3-0 wins against Dijon adds to 3 consecutive wins and a fourth clean sheet in a row.

Responding to Monaco supporter’s banners, Kovac admits he understands them and it feels good to have their support.

“It was a beautiful banner. It’s good to feel the support from the fans. Like I said, we need six points to secure fourth place. Today, it doesn’t make sense to talk about a title because we don’t have our fate in our hands.

“We have no more matches to play against Paris and Lille.” He added, “We are therefore focused on our work and we will see later if it is possible to aim higher than 4th place. We want to stay in the battle,” he continued.

He insists that football is an emotional sport. He claims that if everyone knows what would happen tomorrow, then everyone will lose the essence of the game.

“I understand this expectation but as a coach, I have to put emotions aside to continue in the same direction. We are on the right track. The club as a whole has done a very good job. We must continue in this way and take things step by step,” Kovac said.

However, Kovac acknowledges the tough first half and how his side responded.

“It is true that the first half was difficult as Dijon defended well with a low block. We had few chances. In the second half, we were able to come back and score quickly thanks to a penalty. And we obtained many more chances. The victory was deserved,” Kovac delightedly said.