Mateo Kovacic has praised his manager Thomas Tuchel and believes he will lead the club to glory before this season.


The Croatian has produced an outstanding performance since Tuchel arrived in January. He has also transformed to be a regular starter.

Chelsea have forced their way back into the race for the top four with the German’s outstanding 14 games unbeaten. The former Real Madrid midfielder admits that he is confident now they are in a good position to compete.

“The new manager has come in, with clear ideas of what he wants and the team responded very, very well to all that he asked of us in how he wants to play,” Kovacic said.

“I think we are doing very well, but the most important thing is to keep going. Winning games, and to be as high as possible in the Premier League this year. Obviously, a team like Chelsea wants either to win or be in the top four, which is important,” Kovacic added.

“In football, if you approach the games and train well, everything can change in one or two weeks, and that’s what happened. We were 10th and I was really a little bit worried as well because, to be in that position and to not reach the top four, would be a bad, bad season for us.”

Kovacic concluded that now he is back he will focus on training well and approaching every game as before.

Meanwhile, Adam Lallana has praise fellow England and Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount with some extremely high compliments.

Mount has played an important role in Chelsea’s transformation under Thomas Tuchel. He is enjoying fantastic international camping and Brighton & Hove Albion midfielder Lallana has praised him.

“Mason Mount, what a player he is. He is probably one of my favorite players in the Premier League at the minute.

“Every time I watch him play; he is technically outstanding but also so tenacious when he loses the ball.

“He possesses every attribute that you want in the modern-day ten or eight really,” Lallana said.