Paris SG hosted Montpelier on Saturday evening. Parisians scored five goals while Montpelier got two red cards, and the first one was very painful for the team in general.

Heated arguments between Kylian Mbappe and Tuchel

As you may know, Kylian scored one goal in the match. In the second half, PSG started playing with high pressure, and it was visible that the team could score many goals. Kylian scored one goal until the 60th minute, and soon he was substituted with Edison Cavani. Uruguayan forward entered the field but could not score a goal. Cavani scored, but after VAR check, we saw that it was offside.

As Kylian left the field, he was very disappointed with the decision of Tuchel. The German coach has a bad relationship with players. For instance, Neymar can’t get along with Tuchel. Kylian Mbappe had arguments against Tuchel in the past. Until the end of the match, we saw that Mbappe was very unhappy with the current situation. Although PSG scored five goals, Kylian had a very sad face.

Kylian Mbappe is closer to Real Madrid

Last week, Kylian praised Zinedine Zidane again. French player said that he was in summer, anything can happen. At the same time, the French forward insisted that the relationship with Tuchel is perfect. We saw a different picture yesterday. Tuchel and Kylian were arguing about the substitution for a minimum of 30 seconds, and it was visible for everyone. As it seems, the player and coach can’t hide the bad relationship anymore.

Tuchel does not like Neymar also

After the match against Montpelier, Tuchel said that Neymar is distracted from football. German coach admitted that Neymar over thinks about parties and friends. Tuchel also added one interesting fact – if he were a father of Neymar, he would control the player more. Tuchel said that he is the only coach and can’t limit Neymar to football only.