Kylian said he has no new updates to say if he will enter into a new deal with Ligue 1 champions, and that he is silent on the matter until negotiations continue.

Kylian Mbappe talks about new contract

Speaking with RTL after France’s 1-0 victory in the World Cup qualifier away from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kylian said about PSG’s new contract that if he had progressed, he would have come to talk about it and will talk when he decides. Kylian also said that he feels like he is being put under a tougher media spotlight than many of his international peers, in part because of his status in the Ligue 1 Champions, and that he just wants to play for a club where he feels good and happy. According to him, this criticism becomes tiresome, especially when you play for a club in your country and give everything to your national team. It gets tiresome after a while. Players who play abroad and come back here only for the national team are different for them. He said that he is there all the time and they say much more about him. It’s a different context for other footballers, but he knew it would be when he signed for Paris.


What can happen in summer?

Kylian is currently the second most valuable player in history, being signed from Monaco PSG in a €145m ($171m / $125m) deal in 2017 – which included €35m (£30m / $41m) in surcharges. Its value only rose in Parc des Princes, as it helped the French champions earn three consecutive Ligue 1 titles and advance to the Champions League finals and become a World Cup winner internationally. However, if he refuses to sign a new contract before the summer, it could provoke a bidding war across Europe if PSG decides they need to sell their stellar asset to avoid the risk of losing it on a free transfer in 2022.