Kylian Mbappe scored three goals against Barca on Tuesday night. It was a game in the Champions League, so Kylian got attention from the world’s media.


Connection with Real Madrid

It’s not a surprise that Kylian wants to sign for Los Blancos. He said many times that working with Zinedine Zidane was a dream from childhood. At the same time, Kylian has shown journalists the photo where he imitates Cristiano Ronaldo. So, Kylian wants to play for Real Madrid sooner or later. On Tuesday morning, Spanish newspapers asked Mbappe to prove his worthiness to wear the t-shirt of Real Madrid. Against Barcelona, Mbappe scored three goals and gave Real Madrid fans a big headache. First of all, with three goals scored against Barca, Mbappe’s transfer price goes higher than before. Real Madrid is in a financial crisis, the team can’t pay more than 100+ million Euros for a single player. Secondly, after the performance against Barca Mbappe will be loved and respected by the fans and management of PSG. 


Kylian’s future? He is not sure about it

Mbappe said that his future will be decided. At the same time, he noted that it’s not a smart decision to think about the future after one match. Kylian added that he wants to play at this level for a very long-time. It’s the main goal of Kylian and he wants to keep up at this level. Scoring three goals was important for Kylian but he said that giving a good chance of winning tie to PSG was a way more better feeling.

22 years old striker said that he is happy in Paris. He noted that PSG is already a big team that can dominate the pitch against any clubs. Especially with Neymar, PSG can win many trophies, domestic or international. Kylian added that Mauricio asked them to win the game, so they did everything to score many goals.