Croatia had a last chance on Wednesday evening to fight for first spot. That’s why the coach of Craotian national team decided to start with a sharp attacking line.


Croatia won the match against Sweden just three days before the clash. France could not win their respective match against Portugal. Croatia could save some chances for winning the group and their last hope was against France. Especially Croatian team especially was playing at home and they could take three points.

Croatia was playing with Luka Modric in the midfielder. The legendary footballer is not hesitating to play full 90 minutes in every match. He has a big respect for the country, so he decided to play from the start. Zlatko Dalic used Petkovic as the main striker. Pasalic and Perisic were playing on the sides and the team was very active.

At the same time, French started the match with two main strikers. Kylian Mbappe and Anthony Martial were main strikers and Antoine Griezmann helped them from deep. 

French won although Croatia had a chance for a tie

Antoine Griezmann opened the score right in the first half. Croatia were attacking a lot in the first half but could not convert the shots into the goals. France was controlling the ball ie. pace of the match. France won the first half thanks to Antoine Griezmann’s goal. 

In the second half, Zlatko decided to go all in. Vlasic scored the goal and tied the game. It was a very important moment for Croatia. They decided to attack more but forgot to defend one. In one of the counter-attacks of France, Croatia conceded the goal. Digne passed to Kylian Mbappe and the youngster scored an easy goal. Kylian Mbappe gave a very important win to France. Playing in Croatia is very tough and French team deserved three points.