During the interview with COPE, Jese talked about Kylian Mbappe. Jese was the player of PSG for many years.

Spanish striker believes in Kylian Mbappe

Jese said that Mbappe’s dream is to play for Real Madrid. During the period in Paris, Mbappe was always keen on watching Real Madrid games. At the same time, Mbappe was asking Jese many questions about living Madrid, street life, football and how fans react to any decision of the squad members. Jese said that Kylian’s idol is Cristiano Ronaldo, so he knows that Kylian can follow foot-steps of Cristiano by joining Real Madrid.

Journalist asked him about the return in Spain. As you may know, Jese returned to Spain. He will play for Las Palmas. Jese said that most of the fans thought he was half retired. Ex-Real Madrid’s winger said that he will continue working hard and train every day to get in top shape. Keep in mind that Jese has offers from Turkey and China, but he decided to return.

Kylian Mbappe’s contract situation

Kylian Mbappe is ready to extend contract with Real Madrid. Jesse’s predictions could be on point but at this moment, Kylian is keen on extending the contract. Agent of Kylian said that they are negotiating with the management. Kylian gave a very honest interview before the clash against Nimes. As you may know, Mbappe scored a goal against Nimes and PSG won the match. Mbappe said that the futuristic project of PSG is very promising. He noted that the whole team is based around Neymar because he is a phenomenal player. Kylian Mbappe said that anything can happen in future but currently he is focused on living and playing for Paris. PSG management wants to save Nyemar and Mbappe for next few seasons. Real Madrid is not in a good financial situation, so they might lose the chance of signing Kylian.