Atletico Madrid has a big chance to win the La Liga title this season. Team was falling down in March and the international break was perfect for his team.

Main contenders of La Liga title

Who can win La liga this season? Spanish experts have different opinions. If we take a look at the last few games, it’s visible that Atletico Madrid got fewer points than Los Blancos and Barcelona.

Ronald Koeman’s Barca found a perfect form in the last 10 games of La Liga. Barcelona got 28 points in the last 10 games and they have only lost two points due to a draw. Keep in mind that Real Madrid could get only 23 points in the last ten games of La LIga. At the same time, Diego Simeone’s team could get only 21 points which is the lowest among the top-three leaders. Marca’s data specialist says that international break was on time for Diego Simeone’s team. The Argentinian coach could re-set his team and work with them closely. Diego Simeone’s team was losing points here and there and his team was in need of more time. International break was on point because they got time to have a big rest. Two weeks were enough for Diego Simeone and his squad to reflect and understand their main mistakes in the last 10 games. Keep in mind that Atletico Madrid is in best form but they may lose to Barca and Real Madrid.

El Clásico next week

As you may know, Real Madrid will face Barcelona next week. In that game, both teams have a chance to advance onto the next level of La Liga position. Keep in mind that Los Blancos is the only team from La Liga playing in the Champions League. Real Madrid will face Liverpool twice in the next 10 days and in between there is a game against Barca which is tough. Zidane was not happy with the schedule but he insisted that it’s the main reason why football is interesting.