Summer 2019 was full of emotions. With the actual emotional roller coaster, La Liga has seen big transfers such as Hazard, Jovic, Griezmann, etc.

On the other hand, there were transfer rumors that did not happen. 2nd September was the last day of the transfer window, and it’s closed. Today would love to pay your attention to those transfers that did not happen in summer involving La Liga teams.

James Rodriguez and Napoli

As you may know, James Rodriguez is the player of Real Madrid. He joined Bayern Munich two years ago on loan. James was entirely satisfied in Munich, but team officials did not want to buy a midfielder. James gets back to Madrid in June, and as the reports claimed, he was ready to join Napoli.

Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach, admires James playing style and needed a playmaker. Carlo knows James from the period when he was coach Real Madrid. “Golden Boy” had a fantastic first season under Carlo, but then Italian coach left, and James became a bench player.

James was close to Napoli in July

In July, Napoli fans chanted “bring us James” when the club president attended an open training session. Even Mertens, Napoli’s attacker, told reporters that Napoli could win trophies after they buy quality players like Colombian.

After all, Zinedine Zidane changed his mind and decided to keep up with James. As the Spanish report claim, Rodriguez turned his mindset and is focused only on training to impress Zidane. Now the transfer windows are closed, and James stayed in Madrid.

Soap Opera called “Neymar’s Transfer.”

Spanish and French reports claimed Neymar’s transfer from the start of the transfer window. Barcelona tried to sign Brazilian forward but could not finalize the negotiation. Nasser Al-Khelaifi was the main man during the talks but could not agree on a few things. Barcelona wanted to pay 100 million euros, plus Rakitic, Todibo, and Dembele. Last week, Parisian journalists asked Tucheck about Dembele’s possible transfer, and he said that club was with the current squad.

Paul Pogba’s possible transfer to Real Madrid

Zidane is praising Paul Pogba every time he has a chance. It was no surprise for anyone that Real Madrid would attempt to sign a French player. Whole summer, Real Madrid fans were waiting for the transfer to confirm. Unfortunately, Manchester United asked for a transfer fee that was not suitable for Real Madrid officials. So, Zidane decided to rely on his current squad and improve midfield problems.