The race to the Champions League is hotting up with the Premier League nearing the season’s completion.  With Chelsea on 3rd, Lampard claims failing to finish in the top-four would not be a disaster.

Chelsea is one win away from sealing a place in the Premier League top-four with their final two games with the champions Liverpool and the high-flying Wolves.

To secure their position and guarantee a Champions League place, one win is required bearing the battle involves Manchester United and Leicester City who will meet on the final day.

Contrary, Lampard insists missing out on the Champions League qualification would not represent an outright failure given the “huge strides” Chelsea has made this season.

He said, “I understand the black and white judgment of the outside world and the Chelsea fans about. It’s a clear objective to get into the Champions League”.

“We weren’t really in too many people’s top fours at the start of the season. we’ve forced ourselves there. I desperately hope we get there. But for me, it shouldn’t put this club off its stride much because there were a lot of testing moments this year. We’ve shown intentions of moving in the right direction”.

“I hope I’m showing that in the way I’m working with the players and I think the players are showing that with performances. I get that it’s black and white on the outside. I don’t think it should be on the inside”.

Lampard’s position is easy to understand given he was placed up against on his arrival. Chelsea had lost the league’s best player, Eden Hazard, and further hampered by a transfer ban for his first window.

Subsequently, he has navigated through the season with a squad containing several youngsters experiencing their first campaign at the top level.