Spain had a chance to secure a Euro 2020 spot after the match against Norway. Unfortunately for fans and players, Spain could not keep the clean sheet until the end of the game.

Sergio Ramos – most appearances for Spain

After the match, Sergio Ramos became the first player in Spain’s history. Sergio played 168 games and outworked his former team-mate, Iker Casillas. Iker has 167 matches, and now he is in the second position. Sergio Ramos played more than 40 games as a captain of the national team.

Match against Norway

As we have mentioned above, Spain had a chance to secure a Euro 2020 spot in Norway. Sergio Ramos and co. had to win the match in Norway to ensure the easy post for the Euro tournament. Everything went as Moreno planned, but in the last seconds of the game, sudden foul from Kepa changed a few things.

First of all, we have to admit one interesting fact. Moreno did something different that never happened in Spain’s history. All 11 players of Spain’s starting lineup were playing for different clubs. It’s the most international and worldwide team that Spain ever had. So, Moreno had one goal – get an easy win in Norway and secure spot for Euro 2020.

1st half of the match

We all know that Spain loves possession and passing. The first 45 minutes of game was absolutely good for Spain. Spanish players dominated the stadium, and even Norwegian fans were very quiet.

Keep in mind that Odegaard played as a second forward in attack. By that decision, Odegaard was less frightening for Spain’s defense. So, Spain had the full potential to show everything on the pitch. Spain could register two shots on target while Norway had only one. Spain had three corner kicks and two off-sides. The first half ended with a goalless draw. People were waiting for the tough second half for Norway.

2nd half of the match

Moreno decided to attack from the start. Spanish players did everything to score an early goal in the second half. In the 47th minute, Saul scored a goal for Spain. After a cross from Busquets, Saul was the first on the ball and scored the goal. Spain decided to give up possession after scoring an important goal.

According to Spanish expert Alfredo Relano, it was a big mistake to give up possession after scoring the goal. Despite Odegaard’s passive role, Norway still had the power to score a goal. At the last minute of the game, Kepa played poorly against Norwegian player, and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. J. King scored the penalty and matched ended 1-1;