Lautaro’s salary in Barça is known. The new price of the Argentine football player is 90 million euros. So, the transfer  of Lautaro Martinez is expected in a week or two.

Martinez’s transfer from Inter Milan to Spanish Barcelona is becoming more and more real. FcInterNews publishes new details about the deal.

As it turns out, the Catalan Grand has agreed to pay 10 million euros a year in the form of Lautaro’s salary, while the Italians do not have enough finances to do so.

Now, Barça must agree on the details of the contract with the Italians. As you may know, the Milanese demanded 111 million euros in exchange for one of the leaders. At the time of the financial crisis caused by Coronavirus, it is expected that the price of Martinez will fall to 90 million.


Inter does not want Arturo Vidal.


There is speculation that Inter will also require the involvement of any player in the deal from Barcelona. We are talking about Nelson Semedu or Emerson Aparesido. It also became known that the Italian team does not want to take Arturo Vidal from Catalonia.

According to FcInterNews, negotiations are in a decisive phase. So, Lautaro’s transfer may be signed in the next two weeks.

To remind you, 22-year-old Lautaro Martinez has been defending Inter’s dignity since 2018 and has scored 17 goals in 49 matches. His performance in the Argentine national team is as follows – 17 games and 9 goals.