AC Milan falls to fifth place after suffering another Serie A setback at the hands of roaring merciless Lazio


Lazio thrashed Milan 3-0 to keep their top-four hopes and lays misery on the Rossoneri’s next season’s Champions League qualification.

The Serie A tie was indeed a fight to the dead as both teams needed the crucial 3 points. And Lazio Coach Simone Inzaghi celebrates the victory, claims it was like a final.

According to Inzaghi, the tie was like a final, it was the last chance Lazio had to knock on the UEFA Champions League competition next season.

“This was like a final for us. The last chance to stay in with a shout for the top four… It was a clear and dominant victory,” Inzaghi said.

“It was our last hope to stay in touch with the top four,” he added,

“We usually play finals in this way, it was a clear and overwhelming victory,” Inzaghi emphasizes.

With the victory over Milan, Lazio sits sixth, behind AC Milan both at 66 points. While Inzaghi and his Lazio side celebrate a huge victory, the results left Stefano Pioli frustrated.

Pioli’s boys started the weekend in second place, but they could not match the soaring Lazio to keep their status. They are now sited at fifth place with the next game determining whether they will continue to fall.

However, Correa’s second frustrated Pioli after a lengthy VAR approved the forward’s goal.

“I don’t understand how it wasn’t given as a foul on Calhanoglu,” Pioli said.

“He looked at it again and from the replay, you cannot say Leiva doesn’t catch Calhanoglu and completely miss the ball.

“I expected more from my team,” the Italian tactician said.

Pioli continued, “We have the technical and physical quality to do better. We must do more, now we must show that we are as strong as I think we are.”

“We need to react immediately because this is a heavy defeat. The Champions League race has become a lot more difficult,” he added.