Lazio won a very important game against Crotone. Team scored a winning goal in the final minutes of the match.

Big blow in Turin

As you may know, Lazio lost the game against Juventus in Turin. They got a big defeat from Juventus last week and it was a big blow for the club. Filipo Inzaghi admitted that players were not feeling well and confident after the clash. The Italian coach gave players a one-day rest and they started everything from scratch. Lazio played against Crotone on Friday midday. That’s because Lazio has to play against Bayern Munich on Tuesday. They have lost the first-leg in Italy and now it’s the turn of the game in Munich.

Dramatic second half – late goal from Lazio

Inzaghi started the match with a very interesting line-up. Immobile and Correa were two strikers in the penalty area of the opponent. Crotone’s defenders could not keep up with the attacking line and that’s why they conceded three goals from Lazio. Filipo played with two full-backs. Their main goal was helping not only defense but also press the offensive line of Crotone very high.

Lazio opened the score-line in the 14the minute. Milinkovic-Savic scored a goal and gave a lead to Lazio. In just a few minutes, Crotone could score an equalizer. Until the end of the first half, Lazio took the initiative and scored another goal. After an assist from Immobile, Alberto scored a goal in the 39th minute. Lazio took the lead and they won the first half.

Crotone started the second half with aggressive counter-attacks and soon they got right on penalty kick. In the 50th minute, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Simy took the ball and scored his second goal in the match. Crotone equalized the match and went for a third goal. After a few aggressive counter-attacks, Lazio took initiative until the very end of the game. Filipo Inzaghi adjusted the strategy and changed the approach. Soon, Lazio scored a winning goal. Lazio is very close to the Europa League zone in Serie A table.