Lazio won the first match of the Champions League. The Rome-based team scored three goals against Haaland’s team.

Pre-match preparations

Lazio had a very bad run in Serie A. Team can’t win the match and took only one point in the last three matches. Lazio lost the home match against Atlanta and conceded four goals – it was very painful for the players. After that match, Lazio could get only one point out of six. On the other hand, Dortmund has a good run in the Bundesliga. Fans were waiting for a very open match and many goals. Both strikers, Haaland and Immobile were in the starting line-ups.

1st half of the match

Dortmund started with a perfect line-up. Erling Haaland was the main striker. Sancho and Reus were playing from the deep. Sancho’s and Reus’ attacking line was very aggressive for Lazio’s defense; they could not make a big impact. Lazio started with Immobile and Correa. 

After the pass from Correa, Ciro Immobile scored the goal. In just six minutes, Lazio scored the goal and took the lead. Dortmund was very aggressive in attacking phrases but they could not convert shots into goals. Dortmund scored an own goal and Lazio took the lead by two goals. Dortmund was good but could not finish the first half with the goals. Dortmund had three shots on target while Lazio had only four shots in the first half.

2nd half of the match

Dortmund could not make a big impact by the start of the second half. In the 71st minute, Dortmund could get a goal. Erling Haaland got a good pass and he finished well. It gave an advantage to Dortmund and fans were waiting for the equalizer. Unfortunately to Dortmund fans, Lazio players scored in the first attack after Haaland’s goal. Lazio increased the lead again after the goal of Akpa Akpro. Immobile scored one goal and gave one assist. It’s indeed a big achievement for Italian forward and he hopes for a good Champions League season