The Spanish central midfielder David Silva moves to Serie A. He will wear a Roman club shirt.

As you know, 34-year-old Spanish striker David Silva is spending his last season in Manchester City. Silva has already played his last match in the Premier League. Yesterday, in the eighth-final match under the auspices of the Champions League, he also played against Real.

Silva’s ten-year Manchester career is coming to an end. Many European and American clubs have expressed a desire to add a player with the status of a free agent. But according to FOOTBALL-ITALIA, the main favorite among them is Lazio from Rome.

Simone Inzaghi’s team finished fourth in the 2019–20 Serie A season and qualified for the Champions League. It seems that the offer of the Roman club to the Spaniard turned out to be attractive because, according to the above-mentioned source, an agreement has already been reached between the parties, and the Italians will officially announce the transfer of the player on Monday.

The terms of the contract between Silva and Lazio are still unknown. As soon as Manchester City finishes playing in the Champions League’s current season, Silva will join the new team. I would like to inform you that Inter Miami wanted to add the Spaniard from MLS, but the player himself did not want that and decided to try his hand in Italy at the age of 34.