Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa has apologized for not learning to speak English since his arrival on Elland Road in 2018.

Marcelo Bielsa apologized for not knowing English

Bielsa established himself as a fan favorite during his three-year reign at Leeds, sending them back to the Premier League for the first time in 16 years while implementing a versatile, offensive playstyle. However, the Argentinean character remains somewhat mysterious for the media due to the fact that he conducts all interviews with the help of an interpreter, whom he went to address in advance of his party’s trip to Brighton on Saturday. Marcelo Bielsa told reporters that he must apologize to those who should listen to him for not having learned English. one of his big flaws in English football, he said, is not being able to communicate in the language everyone speaks.

The Leeds manager also said that in one way it wears him out, the fact that he hasn’t been able to learn to speak English. One of the great tools a coach has to convey his message is through his words. One of the things he devotes the most time to while he was a coach is speaking well. If there is something that he loves to do and it took him a long time, it is the meaning and definition of words and say in the simplest way, without losing the richness of what he wants to say.


This is his reality

According to him, because it is so difficult for him to speak Spanish, to express his ideas simply and concisely, the decision he made was not to do it in another language that was not his. This means that if he cannot say it in Spanish, how can he say it in English? The first one who does not believe this explanation is him, but this is his reality.