Jamie Vardy and teammates could demonstrate some magical skills in away match against Southampton. Leicester won away match scoring nine goals and conceding none.

Pre-match preparations

With 17 points, Leicester was on the third position of Premier League till Friday evening. Chelsea and Leicester had the same number of points, but today we amazing performance from foxes, and they have shown real potential.

1st half of the match

Brandon Rodgers has a mighty team. All players have experience and will to win the Premier League, yet none of them are talking about the Championship chances. It was raining hard in Southampton, so it was not an ideal stadium for any team.

Rodgers trusted the attacking line to Tielemans, Perez, and Jamie Vardy. All players proved that the coach was right, and all of them scored goals.

Five goals in 1st half

1st half was very intense and fun to watch. Despite heavy rain, players could show us true potential. Leicester started the match with crazy counter attacks. Southampton’s defense could not stand crazy attacks, so they conceded the first goal in the 10th minute. Benjamin Chilwell used the chance from the rebound and scored a beautiful goal. Everything changed quickly right after the referee saw the offensive play from Ryan Bertrand. The referee thought it was a yellow card play, but after the VAR check, Ryan got a red card. Southampton left with ten players in the 12th minute.

Jamie Vardy and teammates felt that power and intense, so they increase the pressure on Southampton’s defense. Teilemans scored on 17th minutes and two minutes after Perez was unbeaten. On the 20th minute Leicester was winning the match with 3:0;

After 20 minutes of calm performance, Brandon’s players decided to score more goals before the whistle of the referee. Perez was unbeaten again and scored a beautiful goal from the right side. In just three minutes, Jamie Vardy opened his scoreboard in the match.

2nd half of the game

Leicester players scored four more goals in the second half. Jamie Vardy increased the number of his goals in the Premier League to 9. Leicester forward scored two goals in the second half, and he became a top goal-scorer of Premier League.

Jamie Vardy scored the last goal on the 93rd minute from the Penalty spot. It’s the biggest away win in the Premier League and also a massive win in Premier League history. Leicester players made history at St. Mary’s stadium, and they were pleased after the match.

Every premier league fan is saying that Brandon Rodgers has very experienced and intense players. It was a historic and sensational win from Leicester. The club is now in the second position and could stay there until Manchester City’s match against Aston Villa.