Leipzig just advanced to the next level of DFB Pokal. As you may know, Leipzig won the game against Wolfsburg.


Leipzig’s squad against “Wolves”

Before the game, Leipzig’s coach talked with the press. The journalists also talked with Poulsen who is the top-scorer from Leipzig in DFB Pokal. As you may know, Leipzig won the game and Poulson scored the goal again. Poulsen noted that he is very happy playing for Leipzig at DFB Pokal. Poulsen was the main striker in the game. His movement was very different in the penalty box and he could scare the defenders pretty easily. Kluivert was playing from the right side. He was getting help from a right full-back and attacking the penalty box of Wolfsburg. Olmo was playing from the middle and his main target was connecting dots between midfield and attacking line. 


Missed penalty and two goals in second half

As you may know, Leipzig is playing with Wolfsburg very often. These teams have met in Pokal almost every year since 2014. Last year, Leipzig won the game against Wolfsburg and scored lots of goals. During the press-conference Poulsen said that he remembers previous games and they would love to score many goals again. Unfortunately to Leipzig fans, the first half was not so successful. “Wolves” were playing a solid defense and they could attack easily. In the first half, Wolfsburg got a chance to score a penalty but they could not. Missed chance from a penalty spot was a game-changer. In the second half, Leipzig went for a big win. Poulsen scored his first goal and gave a lead to the leader of the Bundesliga. At the end of the game, Leipzig scored the second goal and registered the final result. Leipzig advanced to the next round of DFB Pokal – semi finals.