Bayern Munich defeated Leipzig last Saturday evening. Flick’s team is dominating the Bundesliga and has a better chance for winning the domestic league.

Julian Nagelsmann believes in miracles

After the game against Bayern Munich, German coach was not happy. He said that Leipzig players did everything to control the ball and midfield. Unfortunately to Leipzig fans, teams could not use the chances in the second half. Julian admitted that Bayern Munich has only one chance and it was visible that Bayern could not defend well. At the same time, Julian noted that Bayern Munich scored a goal only that time when Leipzig’s defense could not react fast. That’s the only thing that he is regretting as the coach of Leipzig. On the other hand, Nagelsmann said that team players had a very strong mentality. They did not sit in the defense, vice versa we have seen that Leipzig was capable of scoring goals. Julian was disappointed because the team could not convert four big chances in the second half. Overall, Julian said that the team will continue working harder than before to work on 7 points difference with the leader of the Bundesliga.


Bayern has better chances

Before the clash against Leipzig, Bayer was four-points ahead. Experts believe that Leipzig had better chances without Robert Lewandowski. Keep in mind that Polish striker will be around for the next few weeks. He could not play against Leipzig, missed first-leg against PSG too. Robert Lewandowski might return in the first week of May. Bayern Munich won the game against Leipzig with one goal. Flick’s team scored the only goal in the first half and sat in the defense in the second half. Leipzig was pressing very high but could not break the defensive line of Bayern Munich. Giant of Germany took three important points and now it seems impossible to catch the team.