Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has assessed the return match against Milan. He also commented on Cristiano Ronaldo’s fail.

As you know, the match against “Allianz Stedium” ended in a draw, 0: 0, and “Juventus” passed at the expense of the goal scored in the final of the Cup.

“It was important to go to the next stage, and it is good that we managed to do that.

At first, it was a bit difficult and weird, playing in an empty stadium after 90 days. “Milan” played very well with ten men against 11.

The result was a draw. But we can look at it as if the glass is half full. After all, our task was to reach the final.

An unused penalty by Ronaldo? Even the best of all time can be mistaken. “Milan” could have scored at any moment. So it was important to maintain concentration.

For us, Cristiano is important in any situation because the opponent increases the pressure on the defenders. He just wasn’t lucky.

I think we will definitely see the great “Juve” and the great Ronaldo in the future. “- Rai Sport quotes Bonucci’s words.

Recall that the return match between Napoli and Inter Milan will be held on June 13.