One of the TOP 5 leagues in Europe, the French Ligue 1, can no longer end. The reason for this is the decision of the French government, which intends to ban sports events until August.

The French championship came to a halt on March 13 after the 28th round, due to the new World Coronavirus pandemic. Under the new UEFA regulation, the championship can only be canceled for two reasons, one of which is a government ban on sporting events.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will soon make an official statement, according to which football matches will be banned even in front of the empty stands until August. With Ligue 1, neither Ligue 2 will be able to finish the season.


Not yet decided whether PSG will be declared champions or not.


The LFP last week developed a plan to renew the league, according to which Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 were to be renewed on June 17 to allow UEFA to complete the season before the deadline, August 2. But then Le Parisien published information about the Prime Minister’s plans.

The clubs wanted to resume training after May 11. But the priority of the French government is not necessarily to resume professional sports. So today’s L’Equipe came out with a noisy title – “Ligue 1 has been canceled.”

The LFP must decide whether to declare leader Paris Saint-Germain champions. Eurotour tickets should also be distributed. Sports Champions League trips belong to PSG, Marcel, and Rens. Lily will play in the Europa League. It must also be decided whether to reduce the number of teams in Ligue 2.