Turin Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Italian media about the Italian derby and ‘El Clasico’. The Portuguese said that the Italian derby would be just as good as the Real and Barcelona duels.

“It will be an amazing match, like the one that will be played between Real Madrid and Barcelona that same evening. The match against Inter is one of the best as you meet Milan and Lazio. Everyone likes to play in such matches. It’s going to be a fantastic fight, we have to win,” – Ronaldo said.

As you know, the main match of the Italian Championship will be held without spectators, and with empty tribunes on the background, due to the danger of spreading the coronavirus. Cristiano also spoke on tha subject: “We cannot be happy without the support, but the responsibility remains the same.

We have to play well and win. It would be nice to have support for the match, but health is at the top. If locking up the stadium solves the problem, it means they’ve made the right decision,” – Cristiano Ronaldo said.

Recall that in Italy there were about 800 cases of coronavirus, 21 of which finished with a fatal result.


Italy has three football players battling the disease


In Italy, players have also been infected with coronavirus. The football club Pianezze has announced on its official site that Coronavirus has been identified to three players, as well as one staff member.

The Pianezze comes out in Series C, with 24 points in 19th place in Group A. Because of this, the authorities have already decided to cancel sporting events, in some cases, postponement or matches without spectators.

Serie A management has already announced that some matches of the 26th round of the championship will have no spectators. Juventus-Inter, Udinese-Fiorentina, Milan-Genoa, Parma-Spal and Sasoolo-Brechia will be held with empty tribunes.