On Monday, we will see the Champions League play-offs draw. It will be a critical moment for all the clubs that have advanced to the next round.

Real Madrid could face big teams

Do you know that Real Madrid won the last four Champions League whet team advanced to play-offs from second place in the group stage? Los Blancos got second place again, and now Zidane thinks that there is a big chance of winning the trophy.

Real Madrid has a big chance to face football giants in the first round of play-offs. After taking second place, Los Blancos may encounter the following clubs – Leipzig, Juventus, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, or Liverpool.

It a big chance to see the final match of the 2018 Champions League again. Liverpool and Real Madrid in the first round will be the biggest match of the tournament so far. Journalists asked Zidane about the chances of winning. French coach said that Real Madrid could eliminate any team, even Liverpool.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not want Real Madrid clash before the final

Real Madrid’s ex-footballer, Cristiano, said that facing Real Madrid in the final will be a dream. Also, Portuguese players noted that facing Los Blancos in the first round of League is not a good thing. Legendary forward mentioned that Real Madrid is very dangerous in two-match rounds. Ronaldo believes that everything can happen in the final match of the Champions League so that Juventus can face any club.

Barcelona will have an easy opponent in the first round of play-offs.

Lionel Messi and teammates tried everything to take the first spot in the group. Barcelona will place second-placed teams in the first round of the Champions League. Barcelona can face Chelsea, Tottenham, Lyon, Napoli, and Atlanta. As you can see, Lionel Messi will face Italian, English, or French club.

Jose Mourinho warns opponents

The Portuguese coach said that everyone should be afraid of Tottenham. North London club’s coach noted that Tottenham is growing every day, and they will be strong for Champions League play-offs. Tottenham may face Valencia, Leipzig, Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG.