Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand says Jesse Lingard loss of focus at Manchester United led to his poor display.

Lingard sparked to a sensational form since joining West Ham United and Ferdinand believes he had lost focus at Man United.

Ferdinand revealed that he has always been a big fan of Lingard. He claims that the on-loan midfielder lost focus on the pitch at Old Trafford.

Ferdinand revealed, “In terms of pundits on TV, I’ve probably been his biggest fan.”

“He grew up at Man United while I was there, so I’ve watched him through the years,” he added.

“The only criticism I’ve got of him in that time and since I left is that he might have lost focus off the pitch through family stuff but also through social media. Maybe letting that run away a little bit,” Ferdinand says.

“I mentioned it on TV one time but I just feel there was a focus that was lost,” Rio claimed.

“This kid, talent-wise and ability-wise, I’ve said for years could play anywhere because he’s that good. There aren’t many players in the young generation that can play one-touch or two-touch but he can,” he stated.

Rio continued to praise Lingard’s talent and confirms he always believed him, but the loss of focus has affected him.

“He’s got great feet, good body angles to receive the ball, and movement to get on the ball,” Ferdinand said.

“I’ve never doubted his ability. I just think that, no matter how good you are, if your focus isn’t 100 percent on the pitch for whatever reason, then you won’t perform to your capabilities.

“He’s been a very big proof of that,” he continued.

The former Red Devils defender believes Lingard’s loan move has helped the attacking midfielder regain focus.

Ferdinand said, “You’ve seen this guy is a top player. If your focus isn’t 100 percent, you will not perform to the top of your abilities.”