Barcelona leader gave an extensive interview to Radio RAC1. Argentinian was very open and clear about every question journalists asked. Also, Messi talked about Barcelona and whether he is ready to leave Catalonia or not.

Messi was not happy in Spain

Lionel admitted that he has some plans in mind about leaving Spain because he is unhappy. The legendary midfielder also mentioned that unhappiness is not related to Barcelona. To be more transparent, Messi said that he wants to retire in Barcelona, but he can’t predict the future. Anything could happen, and Messi is the one who has to make a decision.

Player was close to not signing a new contract

Lionel said that before contract renewal, his family decided to leave Spain. It was all about Spain and Spanish people who mistreated Messi as a person. The midfielder also talked about the decision and mentioned that there was no official offer from any other clubs. Everyone knew that he was fully connected and focused on Barcelona, and that’s why no one asked for a formal proposal. Finally, Messi decided to stay in Catalonia and play for Barcelona as long as he enjoyed playing football.

The main reason for staying in Barcelona was the friends of Messis’ kids. As you know, Messi has three kids, and they have been living in Barcelona from the start. So, Messi said that changing countries and the city would hurt their children.

Argentinian footballer mentioned that now he only thinks about Barcelona and wants to win many trophies. Also, player noted that the future holds all the best for him and his clubs.

Lionel Messi thinks of finishing a career in the Argentinian club – Newell’s Old Boys.

Radio journalists asked him about the club – Newell’s Old Boys. The player admitted that he was a big fan of Old Boys and always wanted to play there. Also, Lionel has in mind to finish a career in Newell’s Old Boys, and it could be a real decision in the future.

Messi backed up Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is not playing well in Barcelona. After summer transfer, French player is still adapting to a new style and philosophy. Barcelona’s captain backed up Griezmann and mentioned that he is very smart. Messi noted that playing for Barcelona is very hard, mainly when someone is not grown with Barcelona’s academy and philosophy. Lionel also mentioned that Griezmann is a very smart and a hard worker, so in the future, he will be adapted to a new style.