Lionel Messi gave a very interesting interview to the Spanish newspaper La Sexta. The journalists met with Lionel a few days ago and it was a very exciting moment for him. People were waiting a lot for this interview to see the light.

Bartomeu was did bad things

The journalist of La Sexta started an interview with a question regarding the previous president. As you may know, Bartomeu was the previous president of Barca and he was there for many years. Messi said that summer was awful for him. There were bad things inside the club and then a big defeat from Bayern Munich. Lionel said that in tough times, the president has to be standing with the players and the team. Unfortunately for the players, Bartomeu was not a good person for the presidential position. Messi said that Bartomeu was trying to drag Lionel down. The Argentinian player said that in summer he wanted to leave the club. It was a firm decision of his family and that’s why he sent the Burrafox. Unfortunately Bartomeu published the letter publicly and wanted to make Messi out to be a bad guy. 

Lionel tried his best

There were bad things going on in summer of 2020. Messi wanted to leave right away but Bartomeu did not give him a chance. After the communication with lawyers, Messi stayed in Barca. Messi noted that Bartomeu was doing bad things for him. Bartomeu personally was trying to create the ‘worst’ portrait of Messi. At the start of the season, everything was going bad. Fortunately, teammates helped Lionel to come to sense and now he is back. Lionel noted that he is very calm and wants to help Barcelona. The club is going through a very difficult time – football and financial wise. He asked fans for patience and promised that everything will be ok in the end.